This facility allows you to submit a list of five or more certificate requests by filling in the fields of our Excel Spreadsheet provided and forwarding it to us after payment has been achieved. This process may simplify ordering for those with large orders to submit.
Simply follow the steps outlined below:-

1. Click on the icon to download and open the Excel Spreadsheet

2. Enter the Type, Year, Index Number from the NSW Indexes and the Name(s) of the person(s) on the certificate into the fields on the spreadsheet for each transcript you are requesting.

3. Enter the number of certificates you have requested on the spreadsheet into the Qty field below and press "Add to Cart" completing all the Cart details requested including payment. Be sure to save the Order Number given by the Shopping Cart after this step and enter it into the field on the Spreadsheet you have just created!

No. of Transcripts

4. Enter the Order Number given to you at the end of the payment process into the specified Order Number Field at the top of the spreadsheet you have completed and "save as" the spreadsheet with a name of your choosing onto your computer.

5. Attach the saved spreadsheet to an email and forward it to orders@nswtranscriptions.com.au

See our Payment Terms and Methods


(All prices indicated are Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST)
Office Hours:- 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Closed Weekends and NSW Public Holidays
Deliveries are closed from 23rd Dec to the second Monday of January each year however, orders are still accepted at these times.

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